Why Choose Alberta Lawn Enforcement?

Our mission is to protect curb appeal, one lawn at a time. 

We have served customers in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Beaumont, Leduc and Spruce Grove since 2009 and have recently expanded to Calgary and Okotoks. Using the best equipment in the business, rest easy knowing you're working with the pro’s and paying a price that is hard to beat.

Services include:

Trust our team to provide great quality service, arrive on time, and make your yard the envy of all your neighbours!  Call or text us today! 

Edmonton & Area | (780) 265-5598  
Calgary & Okotoks | (403) 702-5296




Meet The Team



I know what your thinking, is there more to life than being ridiculously good looking? And the answer is yes, here I am. I can grow a moustache as thick as Tom Sellick, but I can promise you I maintain yards better than my facial hair. I’m a man with over 15 different pairs of gas station aviators. Who has an even longer list of nicknames like: Karl, Hammy, Muscle Hamster, Real Big and Mr. Worldwide. When I’m not spinning my weedwacker I’m spinning the globe to see where I’ll travel to next. I love to play dress up, so you may catch me riding that lawn mower with my urban cowboy boots. Yeeeehaw!






I won the triathlon in grade 12. 



I’m a old soul though I’m a young man. I enjoy a few things in this world: coffee, my dogs and my wife.  



I have stared into the eyes of the dragon, soared  like an eagle behind a chaparral, scaled the walls of the Appleton estates, been given the clothes off a rockstars back,  rode an aerator around the world... I have tamed a thousand  unicorns. I'm the Barathian of BC, the man, the myth, the legend, I am Mat Vegas.... The most interesting man in the world.



I love long walks on front lawns. I put the power in power raking. I'm the Deadpool of Deadfall. There's no spiderweb I can't break through. Faster then a speeding mower, I am the man of STIHL!!!!




I like to build model trains in my moms basement, I'm an amateur taxidermist, milk enthusiast and dog owner.



I've discovered that fresh cleaned up lawn is one of life's great pleasures, just look so sexy. It makes me want to rip-off the shirt, flip a couple burgers, and crush some Budweiser.



I often enjoy long walks on a beach, salsa dancing on Thursdays and the occasional romance novel. I like to keep in shape by doing my Pilates and Zumba classes every winter. What I look for in a lawn is some great edges and nicely trimmed bushes. My name is Jordan but my friends call me Jeb, still trying to figure out why.



Skied 141 days this season, has seen iron maiden 13 times and can confidently name about 7 constellations.